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winter fun Things you should know about local newspapers

There are 1,300 regional and local newspapers in the UK (Source: Newspaper Society)


83.7% of British adults - that’s 40 million people - read a regional newspaper, making it the most widely-read medium in the country (Source: BMRG/TGI 2006)


The most popular newspaper topic is local news - nearly 40% of adults say this is a category they find “very interesting” (Source: BMRG/TGI 2003)


One in five adults wouldn’t be without their local newspaper
(Source: Consumer’s Choice IV 2000)


Regional press is considered by the UK population to be the most trustworthy of all media (24%), followed by BBC TV (18%) (Source: Consumer’s Choice IV 2000)


The regional press is the UK’s biggest print advertising medium, accounting for nearly £3bn in ad revenue (Source: Advertising Statistics Yearbook 2003)


Regional press is considered to be the most enjoyable medium - 43% of the UK adults rated it the most enjoyable, compared to 35% for national press and 34% for BBC TV (Source: Consumer’s Choice IV 2000)


69% of Britain’s influential business community reads a local newspaper
(Source: Business Choice IV 2003)


Nine out of 10 advertising campaigns in the regional and local
press work (Source: Conversion Study, conducted by Millward Brown)


Regional newspapers account for almost half of the UK’s classified
advertising (48%) (Source: Advertising Statistics Yearbook 2002)