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Prices are per column centimetre for mono ads - add £10 for full colour. All prices plus VAT. Charities qualify for zero VAT - charity registration number must be supplied.

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Call on 01799 516161 or email us  where one of our friendly team will be happy to help.


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Sports copy - 10am Monday

Services and Lineage - 12.30pm Monday

What’s On - 12.30pm Tuesday

Situations Vacant - 4pm Tuesday

Family Announcements - 4pm Tuesday

We have been advertising with the Walden Local since we opened VWAuditec in September 2017. Our leaflet drops were having an impact in our area but we were finding it difficult to reach new customers in the towns and villages outside of Bishop’s Stortford. We approached the Local who sent a key member of their marketing team to create a campaign for us. They photographed our facilities and staff and produced a custom advert for us, highlighting the benefits of using our business. The impact was immediate with the enquiries and bookings on day one.


We have continued to advertise on a regular basis and still find this type of media hugely successful in attracting new custom.

Nigel Gray, The VW Audi Tec Specialists, Bishop’s Stortford


Series discounts are offered depending on the number of insertions booked.

Artwork Guidelines

For artwork received via electronic transmission email files to: sales@waldenlocal.co.uk
Please state your company or name in the subject box.

Acceptable File Formats for artwork (recommended resolution of 300dpi)
• PDF files
• Raw Adobe Illustrator files (Mac) (up to v10)
• Adobe Illustrator EPS files (with fonts outlined)
• Raw Adobe Photoshop files (Mac) (up to v7) (with fonts rasterized)
• Adobe Photoshop EPS/TIFF/JPEG files

Please note: Microsoft Word files are not an acceptable format for artwork other than supplying raw text. PDF files cannot be modified once received.

For images to be implemented into artwork
For photos -
• EPS • TIFF • JPEG • Raw digital camera images
Please make sure the image is of a suitable resolution to be scaled to target size at no less than 200dpi.

For logos/graphics/vector images and any files including text -
Please make sure the image is of a suitable resolution to be scaled to target size at no less than 300dpi.
Colour images to be sent CMYK if possible - we will not accept responsibility for incorrect output of your artwork where colours have not been converted to CMYK.

Removable Media
The Walden Local will accept the following forms of removable media.
• CDs • USB Memory Stick
• We can acquire photos from most digital cameras providing you supply the USB cable with the camera.

A wide range of common fonts are used by The Walden Local. Should documents contain fonts not held by The Walden Local, we reserve the right to substitute any font for the nearest available. Font compatibility problems can be overcome in a number of ways, including rasterizing and creating outlines.
Only postscript fonts should be used when creating PDF files.
We recommend using a type size of no less than 7pt. Small type and detail should ideally be reproduced in one colour only. The registration of such matter cannot be guaranteed, as the slightest movement during printing will result in a colour fringe. Reversals should be made using a minimum of colour especially under 11pt type size.

To ensure an efficient service, when supplying documents via removable media please include a print of the document. This will enable us to check the file on output.

Proofs are available on request.

Colour output
Finished artwork should be supplied in CMYK. The Walden Local will not accept responsibility for incorrect output of your artwork where colours have not been converted to CMYK or for colour variation due to converting digital images from RGB to CMYK.

We use Aladdin software on a Mac system for decompressing files.
Please make sure when compressing files it supports this software.

Artwork designed in our studio remains the copyright of The Walden Local. Adverts must not be used in any other form without our full permission. We reserve the right to charge studio time for any unauthorised reproduction.

© copyright Walden Local